Paul returned to Paris in 2008 and visited Rue Gustave Goublier, where the Longlands party stayed during the trip to France in 1975. Then, half of the group stayed at Hotel l'Industre and the remainder at the adjoining hotel. The Hotel l'Industre is presently closed, and has its name painted over. Here are a few of his photos:





Directions  to Hotel l' Industre in Rue Gustave Goublier, Paris


By Paris Metro:

Get off at the Strasbourg-st Denis Metro station when you get to street level you will see an archway over the road, walk to arch turn left into Faubourg st. Stay on left hand side of road 50 yards and you are there.


By Car:

Cross over the river Seine next to Notre Dame go up the Boulevard De Sabastopol which continues into the Bd. de Strasbourg, go to top of the road turn sharp right back on to yourself then take the first turn right onto Faubourg st, you will see the arch at end of the street. Stop before you get to arch and Rue Gustave Goublier is on the right.



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